The company GIA-S Industrijska oprema d.o.o. was founded in 1996. The initial business activity of the company is consulting, sales and service of process control equipment and technological equipment for gas technique, which was developed by recognized world producers in Slovenia and in the wider region. Over the years the company has successfully developed, monitored trends and adapted to new challenges in the market with the goal to develop, nurture and maintain a genuine long-term relationship with their customers. Today in addition to providing quality equipment GIA-S d.o.o. offers consulting, planning and engineering services for the correct selection, installation and operation of devices from sales wide program. A wide range of knowledge acquired through successfully implemented projects, which is supported by modern information technology is accumulated in the collective of the company. The team consists of highly educated mechanic, economic, computer and electro engineers. Additional education, creative approach and high quality products enable us to carry out innovative technical solutions which provide both us and our partners competitive advantage and successful business.

"GIAFLEX, ideas for your success!"


Sales brand of GIAFLEX offers:


- Butterfly and control valves for heating, air conditioning and ventilation

- Control valves, on-off valves and control devices for complex applications

- Control valves without auxiliary energy

- Special valves for steam and thermal oil

- Heat exchangers for HVAC and industrial media

- Heating stations, cooling stations, stations for STV water for district heating-cooling

- Measuring systems for monitoring the flow, level and quantity

- Control systems and electronic controls for the management of industrial processes

- Flexible hoses, coupling elements, sensors and equipment for the logistics of chemical media

- Heating regulators, thermostats and sensors for optimized energy management

- Devices for pressure maintenance, expansion, ventilation and chemical preparation of water

- Devices to control the tightness of tanks and

An additional program GIAFLEX, which comprises of the development, production, engineering and mounting for the following products:

- Heating stations for district heating

- Cooling stations for district cooling

- Heating stations for the preparation of sanitary hot water

- Disinfection device for sanitary hot water (Legionella)

- Biomass house heat substation

- A multifunctional device for pressure maintenance, air venting, expansion and the preparation of water

- A device for the measurement and control of the tightness the container- tank leakage detectors

- Computer control and billing of energy consumption in the energy sector

- BMS-CNS SCADA control system for commercial and residential buildings

- IT Software for remote control of devices and heating systems over the Internet

- VAX-GSM/GPRS interface for alarm, power on and telemetry via the mobile network

- WEBIXY device for the control of regulation over the Internet

- EYXXX software for energy management via the Android OS and the I-OS devices

- BI-FLEX Software for the optimization of energy processes.

GIA provides consulting in the design, selection, installation and operation for their systems and products to

- Designers, project and engineering companies

- Investors and owners of industrial plants

- Technologists in the manufacturing processes

- Manufacturers and constructors of machinery and equipment

- Distributors and operators of network district heating-cooling

- Owners, managers of business-residential buildings and individual buildings dealers

- Concessionaire and communities for the implementation of biomass district heating (BDH)

- Operators of energy distributing devices for optimizing, calculating and billing of energy consumption


A complete program of products and services of GIAFLEX include traceable and documented process, which guarantees customers optimal and fair return of investment (ROI). Company’s own service department and network of highly qualified service partners offers maintenance services (in and outside of the warranty period) through all time of the products use, which is the guarantee for a long life expectancy and safe operation of the system.